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Every football club determines its own goals. Mostly, the sports related goals are conditioned by the club’s financial means. Finding an optimal balance here is a real challenge. Very often, external factors and emotional decisions destroy this balance. That’s why it is important to have your club counselled and helped by reliable professionals like ISM. They are not influenced by external factors; for us, the objective mission of the club is what counts.

The cooperation between KV Mechelen and ISM dates from when we were still playing in second division. The players they tipped us were always an added value for the club. So much so that we were promoted to the first division. Jonas Ivens, Koen Persoons and Bjorn Vleminckx are just a few players who ended up at KV Mechelen thanks to ISM. Mutual trust is the basis of the good relationship between KVM and ISM.
Fi Van Hoof, sports director KV Mechelen


ISM has an excellent reputation as a loyal partner, founded on relevant expertise, international experience, discretion and reliability, which was built up by Walter MortelmansFIFA-agent and Master in Sport management.

The people of ISM are correct managers who place a high priority on sport ethics and have know-how of sports economy and sports management. Think of their large portfolio of Belgian players and you know why KAA Gent and ISM have been working together successfully for more than 18 years.
Michel Louwagie, manager and technical director KAA Gent


ISM offers its partners a national and international network in the world of professional football as well as a highly competent team of sports experts, commercial specialists, legal advisers and tax specialists, who value loyal partnership highly.

To attract good and affordable players that give the club an surplus value both with respect to football and with respect to finances, is every club’s challenge – and therefore also ours.

On the basis of a number of financial investments and with considerable creativity, ISM has managed to build up a strong national and international network of sports counsellors and reliable business partners in such a way that ISM’s activities can be said to extend on a worldwide scale. This network considerably exceeds the individual club’s scouting system. It offers the possibility to penetrate the international football landscape as inexpensively as possible and to go beyond the financial limitations of the local (national) market, so that financial surplus values can be realized.

Club Brugge and ISM have traditionally been working together for a long time. The statement lies in good agreements and loyalty!
Vincent Mannaert, general manager Club Brugge

Counselling / Coaching

In order for the football player to yield an optimal profit for the club, it is necessary that he can concentrate mainly on his development as a sportsman. It is therefore necessary that he is adequately counselled. He should be free of all additional (often petty) concerns. ISM takes up responsibility here and does not hesitate to contact external partners, if necessary.

Employment intermediary

ISM is constantly looking for the right balance between the club’s possibilities and the individual player’s wishes. For both parties there should be an acceptable balance; this is a condition for the development of a healthy professional relationship. To achieve this goal, ISM has all national and international licences and permits.

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