ISM for Football Clubs

The Mission

Each football club determines its own mission. Usually, the sporting objective is conditioned by the financial capacity. The challenge here is to find the best possible balance. Often this balance is disturbed by external factors and emotional decisions. It is therefore necessary to seek advice and guidance from reliable professionals such as ISM, who are not influenced by these factors and for whom the objective goals of the club prevails.

The collaboration between KV Mechelen and ISM dates back to when we were still in second class. The players they recommended us were always added value to the club. So much so that we promoted to first division. Jonas Ivens, Koen Persoons and Bjorn Vleminckx are just a few of the players who, thanks to ISM, ended up at KV Mechelen. Mutual trust is the basis of the good relationship between KVM and ISM.
Fi Van Hoof, sports director KV Mechelen

Professional competence

ISM has an excellent reputation as a loyal partner, based on professionalism, international experience, discretion and reliability, built up under the leadership of Walter Mortelmans, FIFA agent and Master in Sports Management.

The people at ISM are correct brokers who are committed to sports ethics and who have know-how of sports economics and sports management. Think also of their large portfolio of Belgian players and you know why KAA Gent and ISM have been working successfully together since 1993.
Michel Louwagie, Manager and Technical Director of KAA Ghent


ISM offers to all its partners, a national and international network in the football landscape as well as an effective team of sports and commercial advisors, lawyers and tax specialists, for whom loyal partnership prevails. Attracting good, financially viable players, who bring added sporting and financial value to the club, is the challenge of every club as well as ISM. With large financial investments and a large amount of inventiveness, ISM has built up a strong national and international network of sports advisors and reliable business partners, making its activity global. This network far exceeds the scouting device of the clubs. It offers the possibility to penetrate the international football landscape in the cheapest way and to exceed the capital restrictions of one’s own national market, so that additional financial gains can be realised.

Club Brugge and ISM have a long tradition of working together. The explanation lies in good agreements and loyalty!
Vincent Mannaert, general manager Club Brugge

Counselling / Coaching

In order for the player to achieve the best possible return for the club, it is necessary for him to be able to concentrate exclusively on his sporting development. Therefore a good counselling and coaching of the player is necessary and he should be relieved of any side-effects. ISM takes responsibility for this and does not hesitate to call on external partners to do so.

The Cooperation with ISM for me personally started with my appointment at Waasland-Beveren. The discussions are always in a constructive atmosphere and with the necessary respect for all parties. In addition to business, there is always sporty knowledge at the table, which ensures a perfect interpretation.
Dirk Huyck, chairman Waasland-Beveren

Job placement

For ISM, job placement means finding the right balance between the possibilities of the club and the wishes of the player. It must be an acceptable balance for both of them so that a healthy working relationship can develop. ISM has all national and international licences and permits at its disposal for this purpose.

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