ISM for Football Players

Professional Skills

At the player’s request, ISM can provide a package of services, advice and follow-up to the player’s advantage. We will make you a proposal adapted to your wishes and expectations.

The activity of a football player lies on the football field. He must focus on his sporting development. That is his main task. All other matters should be left to a reliable fiduciary. Moreover, the relatively young football player, who usually has no or insufficient knowledge, ends up in the complex football world with a tangle of rules and regulations, which vary from country to country. His interlocutors are usually experienced club managers for whom, of course, the club’s interests prevail. That is why it is necessary to be assisted and supervised by reliable professionals such as ISM.

I think managers often work with the clubs and don't always have the best for their players. So I have become much more cautious, but I am very satisfied with my current managers Walter Mortelmans and Thomas Troch.
Laurent Depoitre (KAA Gent)


ISM offers all its partners, a national and international network in the football landscape, as well as an effective team of sports advisors, lawyers and tax advisers from the Netherlands and abroad, for whom the professional football player is more than just a transfer product. ISM has an excellent reputation based on professional knowledge, experience and reliability, built up under the leadership of Walter Mortelmans, Master in Sports Management.

Career planning

The beginning of everything is a considered career planning. There are plenty of examples of promising footballers who missed out on a great career due to choosing big money too early. ISM calls upon a series of independent sports advisors to optimize the coaching and help ensure the gradual development of the football career, always in consultation with the football player and his family. We attach particular importance to personal and close contact with the footballer and his or her family environment. Both a young talent and an experienced player can count on our permanent attention.

I am very satisfied with Walter and Thomas, they are more than just managers for me! They have helped me very hard in recent years, not only in the beautiful but also in the difficult moments (leaving Antwerp FC & knee injury). I can contact ISM for anything. With Walter for business & finance and Thomas for sports and follow-up, they have the perfect tandem in my eyes.
Tuur Dierckx (Westerlo)

Job placement

To this end, ISM has all national and international licences and permits at its disposal. In addition, ISM has built up a strong national and international network, optimizing career development opportunities. A thorough knowledge of the financial and sporting situation of the clubs is also essential in order to make the right choice. A good contract is important! However, practice has shown that contract negotiations often ignore issues that affect the footballer at a later stage, such as proper pension schemes, social – labour law obligations, insurance aspects, taxes, special clauses, etc. It is necessary that all eventualities are taken into account in advance. “Better to prevent than to cure. ISM has the right team for all these matters and, if necessary, external experts are called in.

Legal and Fiscal Assistance

Due to the complexity of the various legislations, legal and tax advice is indispensable. If necessary, ISM makes use of specialists in their field.

Medical advice

Needless to say, optimal health is essential for a top football player, as is proper diagnosis and treatment. That is why a second opinion is often desirable. ISM has short and direct lines of communication with internationally renowned top medical specialists.

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